A Sample of Drawings and Artwork

Here is some of my surving artwork.   Nothing earlier than 2000 survived my travels. Most of my work I gave away to the models.

Thanks to family and friends for modelling.

1.  Male Ornament [2003]

Male - Drawn from an ornament.

Years later my sister found a copy of the ornament and gave it to me as a gift :)

2.  Salvador's Son [2003]

The son of my work colleague and next door neighbor in Mallorca.

3.  Female Pose Nude [2003]

An exercise in full body nude.

4.  Female Nude Espalda [2002]

A female friend sitting.

5.  Chantal [2003]

My daughter Chantal.   7 years old.

6.  Irenita [2003]

A quick sketch on a scrap of paper.

7.  Nude Charcoal [2003]

My first attempt at charcoal.

8.   Nude in Pastel [2004]

My first attempt at pastel.   Fond memories of the crystal clear waters of Mallorca.

9.  Sad Asian Girl [2018]

After a long haitus, I felt the need to draw a tear.

10.  The Tear Two [2018]

Inspired by the tear, distilled by my imagination.

11.  When I Grow Up [2018]

Abstract creativity. A message - unrealised dreams.